​About Anthony's Laundry

Anthony's Coin Laundry has been a local laundromat in Sacramento, CA for 20 years but it was just purchased in 2019 by its new owners.  Our goal was to provide for our community and our family.  We are working hard to create an unbeatable reputation.  Having spent many hours in laundromats as customers and knowing that laundry is an essential part of everyone's lives, we decided to provide our clients with a great experience.  We put in 24-hour surveillance, over 20 new Dexter machines, and are using Spyderwash which is the most convenient payment system.  You don't have to bring in quarters, you can use your credit or debit card, Apple pay or Android pay.  We have a children's area and have completely updated interior and much more.  Anthony's is fortunate to be staffed with three amazing individuals:  Our manager, Margaret, who has been a part of Anthony's since it opened in 1990;  Richard has the same level of experience and years with Anthony's; and Lori, who has been with the laundromat for over 10 years.  It gives us all great satisfaction to make unparalleled customer service. Keeping Anthony's a clean, safe, and friendly environment for our customers is our TOP priority.  

In addition to cleaning up this laundromat and putting in all new machines, we are adding wash and fold laundry service for the convenience of our customers.  Just drop off your laundry with us and we'll do the rest.  We'll take all of the work out of laundry day, regardless of the laundry service you're in need of.