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Laundry Facts

March 01, 2022

Why Dry Clean, When You Only Need a Wash and Fold Service?

You earned it! It’s time to make a change to your laundry routine and outsource your never-ending chore.

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Laundry Facts

February 02, 2022

New Year, New Laundry Goals

If you are ready to outsource the hefty laundry chore, so you have more time on your hands, make a change today with a commercial laundry service.

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Laundry Facts

January 03, 2022

Start the Year Off Right!

The benefits of laundry service. It’s easy!

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Laundry Facts

December 08, 2021

Laundry For the Holidays

Options for laundry day during the holidays in Sacramento.


Laundry Facts

September 07, 2021

House Guests

Preparing a home for guests can be overwhelming. Join us as we go over the main areas to focus on and how to clean up after.

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Laundry Facts

August 09, 2021

Don't get Wishy Washy When It Comes To Camping Gear

After a long camping trip, you are loaded with piles of laundry. Anthony’s will help take the stress out of washing camping gear.