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Laundry Facts

September 07, 2021

House Guests

Preparing a home for guests can be overwhelming. Join us as we go over the main areas to focus on and how to clean up after.

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Laundry Facts

August 09, 2021

Don't get Wishy Washy When It Comes To Camping Gear

After a long camping trip, you are loaded with piles of laundry. Anthony’s will help take the stress out of washing camping gear.

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Laundry Facts

June 25, 2021

Is it Laundromat, Laundramat, Washhouse or Laundry Mat?

If you are unsure of the proper spelling of a self service laundry facility…you’re not alone! In the 1930’s, self service laundry facilities were originally called washaterias.

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Laundry Facts

January 14, 2021

Not All Laundry Service Is One-Size-Fits-All

We all dread it and sometimes ignore it. But, once your dirty piles take over your space and fill it up with an unpleasant odor, it's time to tackle that never-ending chore.

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Laundry Facts

December 08, 2020

What Makes Doing The Laundry Easy?

If only you had a magic wand to zap all of the dirty clothes away, then make them appear in their designated spots clean, folded, and put away neatly. That would be the best! Unfortunately, there is no magic wand, but we have a magical solution to...

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Laundry Facts

November 30, 2020

Got The Laundry Blues?

If you have been wearing the same shirt for three days in a row or more and your furry four-legged friend is playing peek-a-boo under the piles of laundry strewn about, then there is no doubt that you have the laundry blues. We know the feeling,...