Costume Care

October 01, 2021


Halloween is right around the corner! Homes are being decorated, costumes are being bought, and candy is being stocked. Kids will come knocking on doors as skeletons, unicorns, and superheroes looking for a treat. 

Halloween is a fun time for kids to get dressed up and indulge their sweet tooth. The problem with kids and candy is it can get very messy. Suckers can get stuck, chocolate can melt, and gummies can leave sour powder everywhere. 

When this happens, where do kids usually wipe their hands? On their brand-new costumes! These are not cheap and they end up getting covered in goo and gunk on their first wear. 

Have no fear this Halloween, we have the solution! Join us as we discuss how to best keep the kids costumes looking great after a sticky night.


Which Way to Wash

Most costumes will come with instruction care on the tag. Pay close attention to these to know if there are special instructions such as no drying, water temperature, and so on. Some manufacturers do not have the most specific instructions or costumes could have had the tag ripped off leading to confusion on what to do when washing. 

When in doubt, the best practice is to hand wash the costume. If the tag says that machine washing is acceptable, then follow the instructions closely on how to best machine wash.

Hand Wash Costumes

Hand washing costumes can be a bit of a pain, but is a better option than pulling out a torn superman cape. Trust us, the bits and pieces left over will never truly go away!

To begin, fill up a sink or bucket with cold water and a small amount of detergent. Then mix the water so the detergent is dispersed throughout the basin. Place the costume in the water and knead it with your hands. Do not twist or pull the garment when it is wet because it can ruin the fit of the costume. 

Then, rinse the costume under cold water or in a different container that is free of detergent. Squeeze the excess water out gently to keep the costume from stretching. Hang dry the costume to be ready for another day of Halloween fun or just dress up day.

Machine Wash Costumes

If your costumes tag says that machine washing is the way to go, then stop by  our laundromat to get all the stickiness out in someone else's washer. Our washers at Anthony’s Laundry have the strength to get the stains out while also being gentle enough to not damage the garment.

Follow the instructions on the tag to see what type of washer and dryer settings are allowed. If you know it is able to be machine washed, but unable to make out the other washing and drying settings, then consider these tips:

Wash & Fold

If you are ever unsure of how to wash a garment or a Halloween costume, our staff is always ready to lend a helping hand. If you do not want to deal with any of the costume cleaning process, consider our wash and fold program where we machine wash all your clothing for you. This is a great option for machine washable costumes. Make sure to tell the attendant if there are any specific instructions they need to know.

Stop by this Halloween season to wash all your costumes or throughout the year for all your washing needs.


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