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House Guests

September 07, 2021


It is great to have visitors back in person after a long quarantine! The Greater Sacramento area is full of so many different activities and events to enjoy with guests. Guests will spend a majority of their visit in your home (especially since most people sleep for ⅓ of the day). To help accommodate guests, we have curated a list of tips on how best to prepare and clean up for house guests. Join us as we explore house guest pre-clean and clean-up.

Prepping for Comfortability

No matter how long guests are staying, making them comfortable is a top priority. This involves making sure these rooms in particular are in tip-top condition:

Front Entrance

The front entrance is the first thing guests will see. Ensure the area is swept inside and outside, due to having the most shoe traffic. There’s nothing worse than arriving to a new place you’ll be sleeping at and finding it dirty!


Guest Room

The guest room must be cleared out of all items that have been stored on or near the bed. No guest wants to move the host’s stuff around so make sure there is a clear path around the bed and to the door. 

Not everyone has a designated guest room, so if you fall into this category, make sure guests have an area to put their belongings and a seperate area to sleep. If the guests stay in a kids’ rooms, replace the sheets and remove any items that the kids may need to limit disturbing the guests in the morning.  

Guest Bathroom

When in the daily grind, it is easy to miss the little messes that add up in a bathroom. Wipe the countertops, sink, mirror(s), toilet, and the shower. Replace the hand towels, bath towels, and provide wash clothes. Putting all personal items in drawers will provide a much cleaner look and help your guests feel like they are not intruding into your living spaces. If you want to go above and beyond, provide toiletries for the guest. It’s always better to be prepared! 


Dishes in the sink may be common, but it may make guests feel uncomfortable. Keeping the kitchen clear of clutter and dirty dishes will help your guests relax. This will allow them to not feel as if they came in an inconvenient time.


Living Room

Depending on the host home layout, guests may have to stay in the living room. If this is the case, make sure that everyone in the home is aware that the guests will be in the living room to avoid an early Saturday morning cartoon wakeup. The living room will also be where much time is spent chatting and catching up, making it imperative that the guest don’t have to sit on a pair of dirty socks stuck in the cushions. 

The Visit

Enjoy the visit! Everything is clean and ready to go. All that is needed is quality time with the guests. 

It is good practice to give a tour with key pieces of information about a house, when guests first arrive. If the hot water in the shower is opposite of what is shown or a water filter is used instead of the fridge, make guests aware so they don’t have to wonder or have a trial by fire later.


Clean Up

Guests are great, but they can leave loads of laundry. It may seem like just an extra towel and blanket in the beginning, but it can quickly become a big pile of linens including:

  • Sheets
  • Comforters
  • Blankets
  • Pillow cases
  • Bath Towels
  • Hand Towels
  • Washcloths

No one wants to spend their recovery time after a guest has left cleaning all their dirty laundry. That’s where we come in! Anthony’s has a wash and fold program where we will take care of everything. Simply drop off bags of laundry and it will be ready the same or next day depending on preferences. 

Don’t worry, clean-up is a breeze with Anthonys! 

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