Hygienic Uniform Laundry Services You Can Rely On

May 03, 2022

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Hygienic Uniform Laundry Services You Can Rely On

After long days at work flipping burgers, stacking sandwiches, or mowing lawns, your work uniform is bound to see the darkest of dirtiest days. The grease, grime and dirt build up begins to take over, emanating from your place of work, to your car, and now, to your home. Fret no longer, because Anthony’s Laundry has a solution for you – hygienic uniform laundry services you can rely on.


Trustworthy, Heavy Duty Equipment

What makes Anthony's Laundry different from other laundromats or your home washer, is the heavy duty equipment you can trust. Our  washers have more cleaning power than their domestic counterpart and can take on 20 to 80 pounds per load.. These heavy duty machines are designed to fight the grease, stick and stink off your dirtiest work clothes. We take pride in the quality and power of our machines and we know they will get the toughest stains out and leave your stinky work clothes smelling fresh once again! 

So now that you know we can handle large loads and a bundle of grimy clothes, select the type of service you wish to receive! We offer wash & fold services for our busy worker bees, as well as self service laundry when you have a little extra time to do it yourself.  But it doesn’t stop there – we also provide “full service laundry”  for businesses such as hotels, recreation centers, restaurants and much more! Did you know we launder sports uniforms for high schools, along with towels and sheets for spas and gyms. Whatever your laundry needs are , we’ve got you covered.


First Time Washer? Save Today!

If you are an Anthony’s Laundry first time wash and fold customer, you can use code SAVE20 at check out for 20% off your first purchase. Let us take the burden off your hands and save you time. Stop by our laundromat, located at 7137 Walerga Rd #5, Sacramento, CA 95842, for all your laundry needs.



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