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Laundry For the Holidays

December 08, 2021

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The Holidays are a time where family comes together, but as any hostess knows, long-term guests equals long-term laundry piles. More may be merrier yet your washer thinks otherwise. Don’t let growing piles of dirty laundry distract you from what’s really important this holiday season. We’ve got the solutions you need.

Wash & Fold Service

Have you ever looked at a pile of laundry and wished someone else, anyone else, could do it for you? Even after it’s washed, it still has to be folded and organized before it is ready to be put away. It sounds like a waste of time that would be better spent with family. Is there a way around it?

You bet there is! We created our Wash & Fold Service for situations just like this. Have a washer that can’t handle load after load or do you just not want to deal with it? That’s where we come in. Simply drop off your dirty laundry with us and choose either the same or next-day pick up. It’s that easy! Not only does it come back smelly fresh, but it’s also folded exactly the way mom used to do it. 

Need to wash...

  • Clothing?
  • Linens?
  • Jackets?
  • Duvets?
  • Santa’s suit?

We can handle it all. Visit our Wash & Fold page now to get started. 

Is it your first time? Use promo code Save20 at checkout to get 20% off your first order!

The Great Escape

Then there’s the other hand of the Holidays. It’s been a quiet year of social distancing and working from home and now there are so many people around that you’d do anything to get a break… Even laundry!

When you just need to get out, our laundromat is there for you. Use laundry as an excuse and enjoy a relaxing afternoon in a comfy chair watching the colors swirl. Our washers and dryers are industrial sized to fit even the fluffiest duvet so bring everything you have. 

Do the kiddos even need a break? Bring them along and settle in to the dedicated movie area. Enjoy the white noise of Disney and washers to experience true relaxation.

Stuff and Run

Stuff those laundry baskets to the brim and meet us at Anthony’s. We’ve even got your pick of laundry detergents available! Talk about convenience. We are your go to, in Sacramento for all your laundry needs. 

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