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June 06, 2022

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Anthony’s provides premier laundromat services with all the convenience your busy schedule needs. From how you wash to how you pay, we make it as easy as possible . Check out all the ways we make laundry easy peasy.


Making Laundry Easier Than Ever

Wondering how we make  laundry easier than ever before? We have a plethora of washing options that will fit your needs no matter what you have going on. From piles of Airbnb sheets to muddy soccer uniforms, we are ready for you!


Wash Anyway

1. Self-Service Laundry

Our self-service laundry is a clean and safe, family-oriented laundromat in North Sacramento. Our newly renovated laundromat now has  brand new flooring, air-conditioning, TVs, Wifi, along with Dexter Washing Machines and Dryers. We also have a kid’s area with kids’ movies playing that will keep them busy as you do your laundry. With washing capacities from 20 lbs to 80 lbs, we have the machines to handle whatever you bring in. 


2. Wash and Fold

Not enough time in the day? Drop off your clothes,and we'll wash, fold, and bag them for you. We offer same-day pick up or next-day pick up, depending on how fast of a turnaround you need. There’s no need to worry about what your clothes will be laundered with, we give you the option of Tide, Free and Clear, Bleach, Bounce, and Downy.


3. Commercial Laundry

From gyms to Airbnbs to restaurants, we serve them all. Our commercial laundry services is based off of how much laundry you need to have done, how often you need it done, and how easy it is to wash. Regardless of how absurd you may think your business laundry is, trust us; we have seen it all. Check out our blog that focuses on commercial laundry to learn more.



Pay Anyway You Like

One of the most frustrating parts of doing laundry can be figuring out how to pay. Some places require quarters but don’t have change machines, some places offer card payments, but the system is always down; it can be quite a frustrating experience. No need to worry about that at Anthony’s! We offer payments of all kinds and have attendants on-site to help if anything is not working properly. We accept: 

  • Quarters
  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay


Enjoy the convenience of Anthony’s

With such easy access and so many ways to do your laundry, Anthony’s is your go-to  laundromat. Whether you need a large washer to fit your king comforter or you need help keeping up on the never-ending pile of clothes around the house, we are here for you. Stop by today and enjoy 20% off your first wash and fold with promo code: SAVE20.


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